Roll up, Roll up… Welcome to the Circus!

Friday 29th June 2012 the circus came to the HAC Artillery gardens.

The Maskettes have been a very excited bunch planning one of our most creative events to date.

Having always wanted to use the incredible funfair that comes with the HAC the clients decided to base their brief around the venue. They wanted the ultimate summer party but with a theme built around the funfair – immediately Circus sprang to mind!

The Maskettes got their thinking caps on and started thinking of ways to transform the space into something magical! It was an exciting build up in the office as the event started coming together, sweets started flooding in for the pick’n’mix stalls,red and yellow bunting, circus invitations and sequin encrusted tablecloths filled MASK HQ.

The sun had got its hat on at 5.30pm, guests were greeted by stripy stilt walkers, cheeky jesters and to heat things up a bit more a fire eater!

Everyone was guided by a ring master through to the main reception space where waiters were dressed in oversized bow ties and red noses serving fruity Pimms and flutes of Champagne.

The room itself was filled with candy floss and popcorn stations, funny mirrors, peep through boards and yet more bunting. Outside was covered with giant connect 4, Ker plunk and a life size chess set.

Sweet treats also appeared on the terrace with a snow cone tricycle serving 14 different flavours and an ice cream cart, choices ranging from White Russian, Honey moon dream and Kentucky Cocktail cream amongst many others!

At 6.30pm everyone was ushered into the dining area for a speech which was cleverly interrupted by Slam (a troupe of percussionists that use all sorts of objects to create an impactful performance from traffic cones, cars, exhausts, wheels, windows and anything else they can get their hands on!).

They then led the guests into the main reception space where the funfair was unveiled – Carousel, Big Wheel, Dodgems, Coconut shys and many more stalls. The rides were in the full swing, the snake charmer was walking between guests, mime artists mingled along with the jesters, cortortionists performed on the bar, the acrobat duo leapt around and the caricaturist sketched party goers from afar.

The dining space itself was transformed into a circus big top constructed over five hours. Hundreds of metres of red and white fabric was draped complete with bundles of bunting and balloons strewn everywhere.

At 7.30pm the Barbeque was served by our sister company Create, serving BBQ parsley and lemon marinated chicken fillets, homemade burgers, mushrooms with goat’s cheese and a selection of salads as well a variety of rice dishes. Delicious!


Tables were laid and people sat and ate whilst the magician and balloon modeller mingled amongst them providing entertainment continually.

At 9.00pm the party was in full swing, guests over indulged with candy floss and snow cones it was time to dance.

The circus themed band, Tokyo dressed to impress with the lead singer Belle in a ringmaster jacket and top hat performed whilst everyone showed what they were made of on the checkerboard floor.

As the clocks hit twelve, guests made their way off into the night with bags full of Pick’n’mix.

Balloons were deflated, bunting was boxed away and Seffi the Snake was tucked up in bed until another Maskette Circus Bonanza!

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