What sort of “Morning Person” are you?

What sort of “Morning Person” are you?

Generally the “Morning Person” is split into two kinds – the walking zombie who refuses to talk to anyone for at least an hour after rising and the spritely soul that springs from the mattress who tends to annoy the zombie. If you have to be up at an early hour at least embrace the morning and find the little perks of waking up early!! Here is a selection of finds depending on how you wish to start your day or weekend.

The Quirky:

Sarah Kay – Managing Director view on where to spend your mornings


Having recently moved to Balham from the lovely Earlsfield I felt slightly panicked about where to head for a decent coffee, a delicious cake and some wholesome food especially after being well and truly spoiled by having the delights of Belle Amie on my doorstep http://belleamielondon.com/

However I need not have worried as I recently stumbled across Milk www.m1lk.co.uk a gorgeous café new to Balham.

At Mask we do love the vintage look, and Milk definitely has this down to a tee.  With its exposed white painted brickwork, open top counter overflowing with cakes and mismatched crockery, this little gem is right up our street.  Unlike some places that just look the part Milk plays it too with its incredible menu. The full English is scrumptious without grease, the cakes are moorish and the milk bottle smoothies, are so good it’s hard to not to knock them back in one go. Milk is definitely worth venturing to South West London for.


Extra points: For the very accommodating staff who happily changed 3 of the ingredients in my breakfast, despite the whole breakfast only including 7.

Minus points: For having to go up to the counter to order. On a lazy Sunday morning sometimes that just seems too far!

The New:

Caffeine Calls on a Monday Morning!

Monday mornings can be a struggle especially after a busy weekend. The majority of the general public only function once caffeine is well and truly in their system, so why not educate your caffeine palette a little more than a Starbucks?

Opened since April, Workshop Coffee Co .  is the new London hideout when it comes to a caffeine kick. This coffee roasting abode has beverages down to an art with a menu that is by no means overwhelming. The Workshop’s experts have put together a concise collection of the finest and richest coffees. A collection of well-travelled beans from Bolivia and Rwanda and teas carrying titles such as Dragonwell Green and Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong.

Everything they do is with the upmost precision from the weighing of the coffee to the water temperature controlled at 95 degrees.

The Traditional:

A Breakfast fit for a King!

Aimi Gibbons PR and Marketing Manager’s Birthday treat!


At Mask we are no stranger to a five star hotel however we still feel special when entering one!

For a birthday treat I got whisked off to the Delaunay for a slap up breakfast! Located behind Drury Lane and Aldwych, this restaurant not only offers impeccable service and a traditional approach but an incredible breakfast selection. From the moment you walk in,  waiters are offering to cater your every need from taking your coat off to pulling your chair out.

Inspired by the grand cafes in Europe it is a very opulent environment to sit and enjoy the first meal of the day with polished silverware and waiters dressed to please. If you are a breakfast lover this is an ideal find and if you are not you will be converted.  From buttermilk pancakes to crispy bacon rolls over indulging is a must! The perfect dwelling for a special occasion!


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