Reveller by day Regal by night

This summer the U.K has embraced many festivals whether rain or shine, more than often rain!  The generic festival goer embraces the life of bed head hair, mud encrusted wellies and a free spirit.

At Mask we have mixed feelings on the grime of festivals. Some of us love it and others would prefer to have a dance then end the day with a shower and a warm cosy bed…. Well now you can!

Vintage Festival

13th-15th July 2012

Amongst 150 acres in Northamptonshire –  Boughton House is considered a rather upmarket location for a festival. Previously used for filming Pride & Prejudice its regal nature will ensure a little more luxury than most.

This three day festival crammed with music, fashion, film, art, design and food has something for everyone. Fancy a makeover in the hair and beauty salons,  cram your days with catwalk shows featuring the top model of  60s Twiggy, pop up cinema, Make do & Mend workshops, Roller Disco, afternoon tea and vintage shopping!

After a long day why not upgrade the tent in a bag for some of these palatial alternatives:

Beryl the bespoke bopping bus

Picked by  Louise O’Keefe

If a home from home is what you are envisaging Beryl will provide you with this!

Three double bedrooms complete with kitchen, bathroom and entertainment area.

Additional touches: LED flat screen TV, DVD player and Ipod docking station. MP3 speakers surround sound, dimmer switches.

Sleeps 6

Prices start from : £4,000

Suite Holiday Huts

Picked by Laura Hatton and Melanie Rose

Step out of the U.K for a night and walk into into Sweden to enjoy the land of nod with this Scandanavian red wood bedroom with en – suite with power shower.

Additional touches: LED flat screen TV, DVD player, coffee machine, fridge safe, central heating and spy hole.

Sleeps 4

Prices start from : £2,000

Top Tapping Tipis

Picked by Aimi Gibbons and Natalie Bristowe

Sleeps 4-6 people

Prices start from: £ 750

Yakety Yurts

Picked by Carly Bristow

Want to be part of a tradition?

Nomadic structures from central Asia have been used for thousands of years and now are brought to Northamptonshire!

Additional touches: cosy rugs, scatter cushions, lanterns and a large supply of tea lights.

Sleeps 4

Prices start from: £ 750

Large big daddy blue bell

Picked by Sarah Kay and Claudia Jakubowski

If you still fancy being at one with nature but in the comfort of soft mattress and heavy down duvets then this may be for you.

Sleeps 4

Prices start from : £700

Sock Hopping Squrts

Picked by Cassie Worman

Any smurfs out there, this is the perfect little hideout for you!

Additional touches: sheepskin rugs, scatter cushions, tea lights, lanterns and a perfectly formed handmade table.

Sleeps 2

Prices start from : £550

The Maskettes are bound to all agree on this festival with a bed fit for every personality and activities galore!

Here is to the Vintage Festival!

For tickets and more information:


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